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– MU-5U Patch editor

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Instructions – how to use

Creating a patch is a four step proces:

  1. In the first step ("Set size"), one sets the size: One or two rows and from 1 to 11 unit wide.
  2. In the second step ("Add modules") one adds modules. Once added, the settings for a module can be changed by clicking/touching the component (knob, switch, selector, LED button).
  3. In the third step ("Patch up") the patching takes place: Click/touch the two jacks (input and output) you want to connect. Initially a patch cord is drawn with one or two circles, which can be moved by dragging. Please notice that sometimes this dragging freezes. In this case, remove the connection by pressing the "Remove connection" button and start over. Once you're satisfied with the connection, press the "Attach connection". Now you can make another connection. The settings for the modules can still be altered, but only if the last connection has been attached or removed.
  4. In the last step ("Export"), the image is transformed to png or SVG image ready for downloading on your disc (by right clicking/long touch). Please notice, that the resolution is lower for png than SVG.
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